Blooming beautiful Hamper

Blooming beautiful Hamper
  • $159.00

This hamper has been curated for all the ladies that love a little girly time whilst also doing some self pampering at home.

Flick through the beautiful Petal book which has every flower you can imagine whilst also giving you the go to on how to look after your plants and favourite blooms.  Complete your night in bed with the silk eye mask and hot & cold water pack that can be used to relieve any tension you might be having.

Hamper Includes:

- A lush illustrated celebration of nature's most beautiful work, the flower.  From roadside daisies to exotic hothouse lilies, botanical illustrator Adriana Picker has curated specimens from all over the world to create this illustrated compendium of floral wonder. 

 - Star & Rose - Hot & cold therapy bag

Soft & durable cotton rubber-lined ice bags can hold 450ml of cold or warm water - great for treating headaches, crampsor a good old-fashioned hangover.

Salt By Hendrix Organic Neroli and Argan Body Oil - Vegan, Australin made 

Sleepy Silk - Silk Eye Mask - Blush

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